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About Us

An Innovative Environmental Consulting Firm

Path Forward Partners, Inc. was founded in 2018 by David Grunat, Greg Noblet, and Craig Pelletier to provide responsive, practical, and health-protective solutions to our clients’ environmental problems. To each project, we bring technical prowess, creativity, responsiveness, and scientific credibility which enable us to find solutions that are tailored to overcome the specific problems at hand. Since forming, our core principal team has expanded to include Julie Hayes and Nicholas Loizeaux as well as our valued staff of experienced scientists and engineers.

soil and groundwater remediation

The Path Forward Environmental Engineering & Geology team is trained in a wide variety of scientific disciplines, including geological sciences, hydrology, environmental health and toxicology, vapor intrusion, and environmental engineering. The multidisciplinary skills of our professionals provide us with the unique ability to integrate health, environmental, and engineering data into comprehensive analyses of site conditions and develop the appropriate risk-based management measures that will optimize the overall project objectives. In addition, our team maintains trusted relationships with regulatory agencies, real estate developers, industrial and high-tech clients, vendors, contractors, lending institutions, and attorneys that facilitate successful project completion.