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Brownfields and Contaminated Sites

Path Forward provides comprehensive services for brownfields and contaminated sites from subsurface investigations to remediation.

Brownfields and contaminated sites are areas of land that have been previously used for industrial or commercial purposes and have now become contaminated by hazardous substances or pollutants, making them potentially unsafe for human or environmental health. Path Forward provides a range of services to help address and remediate these contaminated sites.

Subsurface Investigations and Assessments:

Path Forward offers subsurface investigations and assessments for brownfields and contaminated sites to determine the extent of contamination in the soil, groundwater, soil gas, and indoor air. This service involves a range of investigative techniques, such as drilling, soil sampling, groundwater monitoring and soil gas sampling, to identify the type and amount of contamination present.

Vapor Intrusion Assessments:

Vapor intrusion is the process by which contaminated vapors from the subsurface can migrate into indoor air spaces, potentially exposing occupants to harmful chemicals. Path Forward provides vapor intrusion assessments to evaluate the potential for this migration to occur and to design appropriate mitigation measures to protect indoor air quality.

Vapor Intrusion Mitigation System Design and Installation:

Path Forward stands out as a premier provider of Vapor Intrusion Mitigation System (VIMS) solutions. Our specialty revolves around crafting and integrating VIMS seamlessly into new and existing structures, working closely with developers, architects, engineers, and contractors to harmonize these systems with building blueprints. With a track record of success in implementing both passive and active VIMS setups, we offer comprehensive services to fulfill all your VIMS requirements efficiently.

Feasibility Studies and Remediation System Designs:

Path Forward offers feasibility studies and remediation system designs to develop appropriate cleanup strategies and technologies that effectively remove or mitigate contamination at brownfields and contaminated site. This service includes the design of remediation systems, such as soil vapor extraction, groundwater pumping and treatment, and in-situ remediation technologies.

Multi-Pathway Quantitative Environmental Risk Assessments:

Path Forward conducts multi-pathway quantitative environmental risk assessments to evaluate the potential risk of exposure to contaminants at the site. This assessment considers all potential exposure pathways, including from soil, groundwater, surface water, and air, to develop a comprehensive risk assessment that informs remediation strategies.

Construction Oversight:

Path Forward provides construction oversight to ensure that remediation systems, cleanup activities, and redevelopment projects are properly implemented, and all necessary permits and regulations are followed during the remediation and redevelopment process.

Regulatory Negotiation and Strategy:

Path Forward offers regulatory negotiation and strategy services to work with regulatory agencies to develop effective remediation strategies and navigate complex regulatory requirements associated with contaminated sites.

Clean Fill Evaluations and Development of Soil Import Acceptance Criteria:

Path Forward provides clean fill evaluations to ensure that soil brought onto the site meets regulatory requirements and is free from contaminants. This service includes the development of soil import acceptance criteria to ensure that soil brought onto the site meets the necessary standards for remediation activities.