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San Francisco Dust Ordinance

Soil Excavation

San Francisco Health Code Article 22B: Construction Dust Control Requirements is known as the “Dust Ordinance.” In conjunction with Section of the San Francisco Building Code, the Dust Ordinance requires redevelopment projects in San Francisco (regardless of soil impacts) to develop and implement a site-specific Dust Control Plan (DCP), including a Dust Monitoring Plan (DMP), to minimize visible dust. On brownfield redevelopment sites subject to the Maher Ordinance, compliance with the Dust Ordinance is folded into the Maher Ordinance process.

Path Forward has experience in developing and implementing site-specific DCPs in accordance with the Dust Ordinance. We have found that the keys to success in this arena include:

  • Specifying dust-control measures that both satisfy the legal requirements of the Dust Ordinance and Building Code Section and are practical to perform by the general contractor
  • Developing a perimeter DMP with action levels that are both health- and nuisance-protective of offsite persons and practical to meet
  • Convincing the general contractor that it is in everyone’s best interest (including theirs) to minimize construction dust emissions to avoid public complaints and additional agency scrutiny

Please contact us for further information regarding how our San Francisco Dust Ordinance services may assist your project.