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San Francisco Dust Ordinance

Path Forward provides expert construction oversight to comply with the San Francisco Dust Ordinance.

San Francisco Health Code Article 22B, commonly referred to as the San Francisco Dust Ordinance, requires redevelopment projects in the city to develop and implement a site-specific Dust Control Plan (DCP) and Dust Monitoring Plan (DMP) to minimize visible dust. This regulation applies to all redevelopment projects larger than 0.5 acres, regardless of soil impacts. Compliance is often linked to the San Francisco Maher Ordinance process.

In addition to the Dust Ordinance, compliance with the San Francisco Building Code Section is also necessary. These regulations mandate that redevelopment projects implement dust-control measures that satisfy legal requirements and are practical for general contractors to perform.

Path Forward has extensive experience in developing and implementing site-specific DCPs. They understand that the key to success is specifying practical dust-control measures that contractors can perform. They also emphasize the importance of developing a perimeter DMP with action levels that protect offsite health and are feasible to meet.

Minimizing construction dust emissions is crucial to avoid public complaints and additional agency scrutiny. Convincing general contractors to reduce dust emissions benefits everyone involved, including the contractors, as it minimizes public complaints and regulatory agency scrutiny.

Path Forward’s experience in developing and implementing site-specific DCPs can help redevelopment projects in San Francisco comply with the Dust Ordinance and Building Code Section requirements. Compliance with these regulations is essential to prevent legal issues and public complaints while ensuring public health and safety.

Please contact us for further information regarding how our San Francisco Dust Ordinance services may assist your project.