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San Francisco Maher Ordinance

From due diligence services to remediation, Path Forward simplifies the San Francisco Maher Ordinance.

As a property owner, buyer, or developer in San Francisco, complying with the San Francisco Health Code Article 22A, also known as the San Francisco Maher Ordinance, is essential. This critical environmental regulation is in place to protect the health and safety of residents and visitors by preventing exposure to hazardous waste. Compliance with the ordinance is mandatory for obtaining planning approval for any redevelopment project that falls within the Maher boundaries. The San Francisco Maher Ordinance often involves compliance with the San Francisco Dust Ordinance (SFHC Article 22B).

Path Forward, a reputable environmental consulting firm, is well-versed in supporting Maher projects. Their expertise includes guiding projects through the complex Maher process and producing necessary reports, including Site History Reports, Work Plans for Subsurface Sampling and Analysis, Subsurface Analysis Reports, Due Diligence, Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Phase I, All Appropriate Inquiries, Site Mitigation Plans, and Final Reports for numerous sites throughout San Francisco. Their extensive experience in environmental consulting makes them an ideal partner for property owners and developers who need to comply with Maher.

The San Francisco Maher Ordinance was initially limited to low-lying areas in the northeastern part of San Francisco, but it was expanded in 2014 to include sites with current or former industrial use or zoning, filled former bay, marsh, or creek areas, sites within 150 feet of a current or former elevated highway, and sites within one hundred feet of an underground storage tank (UST). If a site falls under the ordinance, completing characterization activities and developing a work plan to mitigate impacts are required to obtain planning approval for a redevelopment project.

Property owners and developers can benefit greatly from partnering with Path Forward to ensure they meet all necessary Maher requirements. By leveraging Path Forward’s vast experience and knowledge of the ordinance, property owners and developers can avoid potential pitfalls and comply with the ordinance in a timely and cost-effective manner. With the support of Path Forward, they can successfully navigate the complex compliance requirements of the Maher Ordinance and ensure the protection of human health and the environment in San Francisco.

Please contact us for further information regarding how our San Francisco Maher Ordinance services may assist your project.