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Vapor Intrusion Mitigation System Design and Implementation

Outdoor Air Sampling

Path Forward has worked with many redevelopment teams to design and incorporate both passive and active vapor intrusion mitigation systems (VIMS) into existing and proposed buildings. This work includes collaboration with architects, engineers, environmental consultants, and general contractors to develop VIMS that work with the building designs. These systems have included products such as Stego® Wrap, GEO-SEAL® by EPRO, LIQUID BOOT® by CETCO, Preprufe® 300R Plus by GCP Applied Technologies (formerly Grace), and other appropriate products. We document the proposed designs of these systems within VIMS Design Reports and/or remedial action documents such as a Response Plan or Remedial Action Plan for regulatory approval.

During construction and installation, inspections of these groundwater remediations and other systems are performed and documented in a VIMS Completion Report. Ongoing environmental risk assessments, maintenance, and monitoring of these systems are designed in an Operation, Monitoring, and Maintenance Plan (OM&M Plan) for regulatory approval.

Please contact us for further information regarding how our Vapor Intrusion Mitigation System Design and Implementation services may assist your project.